Wave a Sign with Ray! Sign Wave this Saturday, 10/11!
Do you need a Raymond Garcia Yard Sign? Stop by Yale & Sheridan!
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Native American Republican - Hosts Sign Wave & Weenie Roast Saturday - 10/11

Your neighbor, Raymond Garcia is hosting a sign wave and weenie roast this Saturday, October 11, 2014.

Join Ray Garcia (HD1) and Tim Neville (SD16) as they wave at the busy voters passing through the intersection of Yale and Sheridan.

We will supply the yard signs. Republican activists will wave signs with the candidates, to show their support. We'll start sign waving at 11:00 a.m. and finish up between 2:00-3:00 p.m.

Sign Waves are fun! The "Recall Hudak" movement used the 'sign wave' as a way to draw in motorists, and inject enthusiasm and fun into the task of unseating Ms. Hudak.

***Do you need a Raymond Garcia for HD1 yard sign? Stop by and pick one up from Ray on Saturday!

***Raymond lives a block away from Yale and Sheridan. We will be hanging out at Rays for hotdogs and soda, when we are not waving.

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